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Client:T. Karn Imports
Date:March 25, 2013

T. Karn Imports – Advertisement

Neotechnics created two custom advertisements for T. Karn Imports for inclusion in various publications. The first advertisement was a  4″ x 11.5″ ad to be placed in the Telluride Festivarian magazine. This ad was also repurposed and printed as a postcard with additional verbiage about this unique store printed on the backside.

The second advertisement was a 7″ x 9.75″ ad to be placed in the Luxury Hotel Publications in-room directory.

Both advertisements help promote the brick-and-mortar retail and online storefronts. The client, Tesha Karn, has insatiable passion for world travel and carries a variety of decor, health and beauty products from around the world.

Using Adobe Photoshop, we used a sampling of high-resolution product and destination photographs provided by the client. Our intent was to promote the unique products from the various exotic places that the T. Karn stocks in their inventory. We created a layout that brought visibility to both aspects: the unique places that Tesha has traveled, and the unique products that she has imported to her store.