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A Word About Neotechnics

Christopher J. Vezeau

In 2003, I founded Neotechnics to serve a limited number of clients and former colleagues with their documentation needs. Most of these individuals were former coworkers whom I also considered friends. At the time, I wasn’t really sure where all this would lead. Instead, I just focused on providing documentation and marketing-related services to a handful of clients. I didn’t advertise for work, yet the work kept coming my way.

I’ve always taken an opportunistic view to my career and running Neotechnics was no different. I soon found myself doing more corporate identity work, getting into printing and, of course, documentation. I also extended my offerings into the creation of tools and processes pertaining to collaboration and knowledge-sharing.

Taking on some of those projects allowed me to network with “like-minded” colleagues who also had their own businesses. Through this process, I realized the value of a dependable, professional network. Sometimes I would get work from them, other times they would get work from me. In the end, we both benefited from the business relationship and relied on each other to take on work that we might not otherwise take on.

Over the years, I’ve taken on a large number of projects with a wide range of companies. I’ve worked with small business and start-ups to large Fortune 500/1000 organizations. I feel fortunate to have had the type of exposure to a variety of businesses and the awesome people who run them. I believe this has helped sharpen my own business¬†acumen over time.

Today, I’m relaunching Neotechnics with the intent of being – as business author Jim Collins says – a great company, and not necessarily a big company. Neotechnics continues to explore how to best serve its clients with their marketing and communication needs. I will try to grow the business, but not simply for the sake of just “growing the business” or out of pure greed. My desire always has been to serve my clients well so that they are better positioned to succeed in whatever they’re doing for a living. With a little luck and determination, I think I’ll succeed. What I look forward to are the new friends I’ll make along the way.

I hope you’ll give Neotechnics a chance to help your company with its marketing and communication needs.

Feel free to check out the Neotechnics company page on or contact me to learn more about how we can help your organization.


Christopher J. Vezeau
Principal and Founder
Neotechnics, Inc.